Take Home Whitening Kit’s at Australia Dental Burpengary

Would you like Whiter Teeth?
Good oral hygiene habits will help remove surface stains but the only way to physically whiten teeth successfully (without complex crowns, veneers etc.) is a professional tooth whitening system. Try our professional home-based system and give yourself a whiter, brighter smile.

What is involved?
Professional tooth whitening systems involve taking very accurate impressions of your mouth. These are then used to make very thin, customised clear plastic trays for you to use with the bleaching product. A small amount of whitening agent is applied as directed by the dentist.
Within 3 to 4 days a noticeable improvement in the shade is achieved, and in 10 to 14 days your teeth will usually be several shades lighter.
The process is repeated separately for your upper and lower teeth. It is possible to treat your whole mouth at once but the method of doing upper then lower teeth demonstrates the effectiveness of the shade change.

Does it work for everyone?
There are some conditions of deep discolouration, or patches of deeply discoloured enamel, that will not change very much in bleaching.
This process will not whiten old fillings or porcelain work, only your original teeth.
We will undertake a full assessment of your needs and advise you accordingly.

Who may benefit from tooth whitening?
Almost anyone. However, treatment may not be as effective for some as it is for others. Your dentist at Australia Dental Burpengary can determine if you are a ideal candidate for this procedure through an oral exam, including shade assessment.

To make an appointment call the Practice on (07) 3888 9125 or alternatively you can book online at www.burpengarydentist.com