Dietary advice & education

Diet plays probably the biggest role in determining your incidence of dental decay. With good oral hygiene measures and a sensible diet, you realistically need never have a new cavity develop!

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you have with breakfast, lunch and dinner from a tooth point of view. It’s the snacking between meals that can do all the damage.

Consider the common in between meal snacks and let’s categorise them:
Really Bad Foods:

  • Soft drinks (including sugar-free diet ones)
  • Cordials – Normal ones with sugar
  • Sports Drinks – Save them for the big race, no other time
  • Fruit Juices
  • Sweets and lollies
  • Sugared Coffee and Tea

Fairly Bad Foods:

  • Fruit – oranges are the worst (acids), banana, apples
  • Muesli Bars – (full of sugar)
  • Biscuits

Good Foods (Things you can have between meals):

  • Water
  • Milk – Plain, not flavoured
  • Cheese – Cheese is the best snack
  • Yoghurt – plain yoghurt, not fruity
  • Vegetables – All vegetables are great snacks