Our dental team will carefully check your child’s teeth for any signs of cavities during every appointment. Ideally, any small lesions are treated with fluoride applications which can help to halt or reverse the earliest signs of tooth decay. It is essential that any cavities should be treated as soon as possible before the infection can worsen and spread. Without treatment, there is the risk that we would need to remove your child’s tooth, which is a situation we try very hard to avoid. When milk teeth are lost too early, it can create problems with the development of adult teeth, and tooth loss makes it much harder to learn to speak and to eat correctly.


 What Happens If My Child Needs a Filling?

 We treat any child as if they were our own and will go out of our way to ensure your child feels relaxed and comfortable as possible, and that treatment is pain-free. A topical anaesthetic is always used to numb the gum, so injections are pain-free. Our dental team are incredibly gentle, especially with a child who might be anxious or in discomfort. Your child’s tooth will be carefully filled using advanced dental materials and techniques, restoring their ability to eat and speaking comfort, and their smile.