Soothing Fears

Experience our therapeutic relationship and your attitude to dentistry will be changed for life:

  • We spend time getting to know you.
  • We listen to your concerns.
  • We don’t start work until you are ready.

Working together, confidence builds and you can begin to enjoy healthy teeth. Dentistry can be a positive experience and you can leave your fears behind forever!

At Australia Dental Burpengary, we understand that you may find dentistry stressful, so our whole philosophy is geared towards making your dental experience as pleasant as possible. It is very common for people who are afraid to put off seeking care. Often, those are the patients who are most in need of treatment.

Sometimes, patients are embarrassed and reluctant to discuss their problems. The dentists and staff at Australia Dental Burpengary are sensitive to those issues and strive to build your confidence and lower your stress. We know that many people suffer some degree of dental phobia, so we provide a caring, comforting environment. We strive to alleviate fear and work with you to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and looking good for life.

 Natural Apprehension

For most people, visiting the dentist can be an anxious time. A previous bad experience, even if it was many years ago, can still generate powerful feelings of anxiety. At Australia Dental Burpengary we really listen and relate to your fears and concerns and have ways of overcoming them. We always work in partnership with you and our mutual goal is for you to have a healthy mouth without any fear or anxiety.

People are often reluctant to visit a dentist for a variety of reasons. You may be embarrassed by the condition of your teeth or gums, but we are here to make even the worst mouths look and feel good… so never be embarrassed to come for a consultation.

We practice real customer care and always work in partnership with you.

We also provide a range of extras that ensure an environment that is as relaxing as possible including aromatherapy, music (your choice), over-the-chair TV and modern comfortable chairs.

What is Dental Phobia?

Most people are anxious to some degree about the prospect of visiting a dental surgery. However, some find it either very hard or sometimes even impossible to cope. The reasons for phobia are numerous. Many people relate their problems to a bad experience in childhood. The dental phobic is often a poor attendee and therefore likely to be most in need of treatment.

There is a huge difference between dental phobic and the patient who experiences dental fear. A phobia is quite a different problem than simple fear or anxiety. The classic sign of a phobia is “avoidance behaviour”. As the term suggests, the patient does virtually everything possible to avoid a threatening situation.

Avoidance is easy if the phobia is fear of heights or flying, but it is much more of a problem when the phobic situation is one that we all need to confront at some times in our lives, such as dental treatment. The phobic patient is usually a very poor dental attendee and only attends when forced to do so by very extreme pain. The patient is usually well aware that their response is totally irrational but feels unable to do much to change the situation.

The accompanying features of a panic attack associated with phobia include heart palpitations, nausea and fainting. Eventually, the phobic patient may be more frightened of the panic symptoms, such as fainting and uncontrollable shaking, than of the phobic situation itself. They feel a total loss of control. If this sounds like you, why not telephone the practice before booking your appointment and explain? Don’t be embarrassed, as a good dentist will have come across this many times before and will be well used to the problem.

Dental Phobia – What can be done to help you?

First, discuss your concerns with your dentist. At Australia Dental Burpengary, we are keen to understand the particular causes of your fear. Together we can work to gradually gain your confidence and overcome the phobia. Some of our best patients were originally dental phobics and actually now enjoy coming to see us! Hard to believe but true!

When booking the appointment, tell the receptionist that you are frightened and that you do not want any treatment at the first visit – just a chat! There are many methods available to help you during treatment which include simple remedies, for example, the support of some of your close family or friends.