Pregnancy & Dental Care

What to do before your Pregnancy?

Before you become pregnant it is important to establish good oral hygiene so that by the time you are pregnant, you will have a
good daily routine.
Visit us for a dental examination.
It may be more comfortable for you to complete any dental treatment required before pregnancy as you might experience nausea or become tired as your pregnancy progresses.

What to Expect during Pregnancy:

“Morning sickness” may be experienced. Because the contents of the stomach are acidic they can dissolve tooth enamel. To minimise this, don’t brush your teeth after being sick. We recommend wiping a smear of toothpaste onto the teeth and rinsing with water after any vomiting. It is important to discuss with your midwife the ways to reduce sickness.

Gagging whilst brushing your teeth is commonly experienced during pregnancy. If this happens try to concentrate on breathing through your nose. Using a child’s toothbrush with a small head may also help.

Cravings for certain foods may lead to more snacking. Avoid sweet snacks to minimise the risk of dental decay.
Bleeding gums or pregnancy gingivitis may be experienced. This is due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy causing your gums to be more sensitive to irritation i.e. plaque. It is important to ensure that your oral hygiene is of the highest standard.

There is no truth to the old wives tale about losing a tooth for every child born!

Calcium, Diet and Pregnancy
When you are four months pregnant your baby’s teeth and bones start to calcify. The calcium and phosphorous needed for this comes from what you eat and if necessary from your bones. It does not come from your teeth.

When you are 7 to 9 months pregnant your baby needs more of these minerals. These are best obtained by eating dairy products. Milk and milk products are an excellent source of calcium. Choose those that are low in fat and sugar. If you don’t drink milk, or eat milk products such as cheese and yoghurt, choose other products that are high in calcium.