General Dentistry

Your general dental care encompasses treatments designed to preserve and protect your dental health, ensuring you can more easily maintain optimal oral health. Usually, you will only need to see our dentist for routine general dental care.

Which Treatments are Considered General Dentistry?

Treatments that fall into this category include your regular dental check-ups and cleanings. In addition there are various procedures designed to restore good dental health, for example, fillings, dentures, root canal therapy and tooth removal, including wisdom teeth.

Why is General Dental Care Important?

When you visit us regularly, our dental team here at Australia Dental Burpengary can carefully monitor your dental health. Any small symptoms of disease or changes to your oral health are quickly detected. Early detection allows us to provide you with the most appropriate treatment before you may have noticed anything wrong. It is an approach that is far more effective to help decrease the chances of a dental emergency which  may develop if you have a cavity or failing filling that leads to severe tooth infection. By providing you with excellent general dentistry, we can help to maintain and preserve your natural teeth, an option which is always preferable! Additionally, treatments tend to be less invasive, quicker and more cost-effective too.