How to Love your Teeth-For Dental Health Week

Here at ADB we love teeth so much we want to share as much information about how to look after your teeth, with our patients & the community. Did you know that everything we drink & eat, has a major after effect on your Teeth and gum health? Unfortunately tooth decay is a diet related […] Read more

Brushing Your Teeth

It is recommended that we should be brushing our teeth at lease twice per day. Teeth brushing should be done in the morning, and again at night for at least two minutes each time.
Brushing your teeth at night should be the last thing you do before bed, with no food or drink after brushing. So be sure that you have eaten all of your dinner, before brushing your teeth.
Try and reach those tricky areas with your brush.
Research has shown that on average in 2 minutes of brushing, only 42% of dental plaque has been removed.
Making brushing our teeth very important.

Following the same oral health routine steps each time you brush, can help ensure your teeth that are cleaned every time that you brush.
Try not use too much pressure when brushing your pearly whites. As this may cause damage to your teeth. .

How should I brush my teeth?
Tilt your toothbrush to a 45-degree angle so that you brush your gums as well. Brush your teeth gently in circles and make sure you brush the inside, outside and the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Spit out the toothpaste, don’t swallow it and avoid rinsing — this gives the fluoride more time to strengthen your teeth. Ideally, wait around 30 minutes after eating and drinking to brush your teeth.

If you or your family have trouble using a manual toothbrush, you may consider purchasing an electronic toothbrush.

Otherwise if  you are unsure of which type of brush will be best suited,  your dentist can help you at your next appointment.

For any Oral health queries or concerns please don’t hesitater to contact our friendly team.

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Don’t forget to floss

As it becomes cooler and we start eating more soups, we may forget to keep up a very important step when we brush our teeth. Even though soups are liquid we should not stop flossing. It is recommended to Floss your teeth once a day, prior to brushing. When flossing, take care not to damage […] Read more


Australia Dental Burpengary is Moving!!!

  Exciting times are coming for Australia Dental Burpengary! In mid July 2022 our clinic will be relocating… don’t worry are aren’t going far and will still be in Burpengary only minutes away from our current location but with a Big, Fresh and Brand new clinic to welcome all of our current and new patients. […] Read more

Happy Birthday Lauren from all of the Staff and Dentist’s at Australia Dental Burpengary

Happy Birthday to our amazing Practice Manger Lauren From all of the Staff and Dentists at Australia Dental Burpengary    

Feb, 08, 2022



ADB Closed the 26th January for Australia Day

CLOSED Australia Dental Burpengary will be CLOSED on Wednesday the 26th of January for the Australia Day Public Holiday We will re-open on Thursday at 8.30am   Book an appointment online today at

Australia Dental Burpengary Christmas and New Year Trading hours

Australia Dental Burpengary want to wish all of our lovely patients and their families a safe, happy and fun-filled Christmas and new year. We cant wait’to see you all again in 2022!!!  

Dec, 17, 2021



Use your Health Fund benefits before December 31st at ADB

Do you have Private Health Insurance?? Australia Dental Burpengary accept all Health Funds however we are specifically preferred Providers for the following funds:     Depending of your health insurance you may be missing out on your entitlements if you don’t use your health fund before December 31st. If there is any outstanding dental work […] Read more

Australia Dental Burpengary CLOSED – For the Peoples Long Weekend

CLOSED – EKKA SHOW DAY Australia Dental Burpengary will be closed for the People’s Long Weekend on Friday October 29th.    We will reopen on Saturday October 30th from 8.30am as normal. To make an appointment please call 07 38889125 or you can book online at 

Fun Science Experiment for the Kids these School Holidays -Australia Dental Burpengary

It can be hard to find way to help keep the kids entertained on the school holidays so below is a fun and educational little experiment that you can do with the kid at home. Don’t forget to make the most of your kids Child Dental Benefits Schedule through Medicare and book them in for […] Read more

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