Australia Dental Burpengary Talks You Are Never To Old or Young for Dental Care Part 2

 Our older generations have seen and experienced many changes in dental technology and dental care.  As we age the quality of our saliva (saliva is nature’s first defence against tooth damage) changes as does the quantity, becoming less able to help defend teeth against damage. The changes in quality and quantity of saliva can affect the soft tissues in your mouth that support implants and dentures making saliva very important for the health of your mouth if your wear dentures, you don’t need real teeth to see a dentist every six months!

Regular visits to your health professional will help to identify changes and help introduce ways of protecting and stabilising your oral health. Having lived some years means that you more than likely have a few fillings and this can make teeth cleaning more challenging. Fillings can deteriorate over time and provide rough edges and issues which may collect food or impede how well you can clean your teeth and gums.

Finally, experiencing more years of life than others often means your dexterity and oral hygiene skills may need some assistance.         The ability to manoeuvre your tooth brush and oral hygiene products successfully may gradually weaken as we age. This is common with both male and females. Your Dentist is able to assist with maintaining your oral hygiene technique and introducing oral hygiene products that may increase the efficiency of your current oral hygiene regime.

You can be sure that a visit to Australia Dental Burpengary, your local dentist’s, is never a wasted one so contact us today or for easier convenience book online!

Sep, 04, 2019