Missing Teeth? Let Australia Dental Burpengary Help!!

Do you have any teeth missing? Does this make you not want to smile or do you have issues chewing your food?

Unfortunately teeth may be removed due to their poor health, lack of money at the time or maybe they just didn’t develop.

There are multiple ways to replace these gaps and increase your confidence and chewing capacity.  A visit with us to talk about your options are and assess your current dental state is all we need to do!  

You could very well be a candidate for one or more options, these options range from dentures to crown and bridge, and to implant surgery. Each option with its own merit and is determined by your suitability with a dental appointment to assess your options a great start.

  • Dentures can replace 1 – all teeth. A Dental appointment to assess your options is a great start.
  • Crown and Bridge options are case by case. Options on multiple materials are discussed with the Dentist.
  • Implants are a wonderful option to replace missing teeth. A visit with our dentist at Australia Dental Burpengary will allow initial assessment to see if you are indeed a candidate for this option.

It’s never too late to to determine what option suits you best and now with our payment plan option through Denticare dental treatment to fix that smile is now an easy goal!!

So call us today or for easier appointments book online!

Sep, 05, 2019