Australia Dental Burpengary Talks Teeth Whitening!

Dr Neil Evans talks teeth whitening!

One of the main things I get asked about when I mention I’m a dentist, is teeth whitening. We all see our favourite Hollywood actors with striking white smiles and then feel the urge to improve our own smiles just a little.

Over time our teeth can become discoloured due to a range of factors such as ageing, tea, coffee, red wine, some medications and smoking. Teeth whitening is an easy way to transform aged and discoloured teeth into a brighter, healthier looking smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening carried out by your dentist is the safest and most effective way to have your teeth whitened. We will use professional whitening products that have been properly tested and found to be safe.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When teeth whitening is performed by your dentist it is the safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth that is because your dentist will only use professional products that have found to be safe by proper testing before use. The main side effect is sensitivity which can generally be managed by your dentist.

Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?

No, unfortunately teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone which is why it is so important to have a dentist assess you prior to any whitening procedure.

What whitening options are there?

There are a few different options available that include in chair whitening and take home whitening kits. At Australia Dental Burpengary our dentist’s offer the take home whitening kits.This is a simple procedure that involves the taking of impressions of your teeth and then having specialised custom trays made, once these trays are made you will be given professional whitening gel along with instructions.

What are the benefits of home whitening?  

The benefits of whitening your teeth at home allow you to be in control of the brightness of your teeth, this means that you can whiten your teeth to the shade that you are happy with. Home whitening kits are also great for ongoing maintenance, this allows you to maintain your white teeth by using your trays and gel whenever you notice your teeth beginning to darken.

If you believe that whitening your teeth is something that you would like to do for yourself please come in and see us today or for easier convenience book online today!

Sep, 05, 2019